Why Should You Not Rely on Free Fleet Management Software

Why Should You Not Rely on Free Fleet Management Software

If you’re trying to choose between a paid and a free Fleet Management system, we suggest you go for the Paid. In this short article, we give you the real reasons as to why you should spend some money on the best technology out there:

  • Is it really free?

Most ‘free’ fleet management systems are just a hoax to get you to use the system for a fixed period until you get so accustomed to the system that transferring over to a better system seems like too much work and a lot of hassle. So, you would settle for the system in question, because your company is already too used to it to leave it behind.

This is a marketing trick that is very famous all over the world, something to give you a little taste of the product, so you either end up paying too much for mediocre features or end up buying the whole thing.

  • Are they giving it their all?

You may have confirmed that you’re getting a fully free version, and won’t have to pay any money. But have you thought yet, why is that? Why is their software free, whereas people actually invest a lot of money in the paid software? The main reason is the limiting of features. You won’t get nearly as much in terms of features as you would if you had just decided to pay up a little more.

Here are a few basic features a Fleet Management Solution must have:

  • Customization
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Easy and Quick to Learn
  • Fuel Management
  • An efficient Alerting System

Here are a few extra features which come as a bonus:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Route optimization
  • Rental Vehicle Management
  • Traffic Fine Reports
  • Centralized Vendor System
  • Barcode Printing and Scanning
  • Repair History Reports
  • Software Compatibility

If your ‘free’ software doesn’t consist all of the basic features and at least two of the extra features, you might want to reconsider your choice.

  • Will they be there for you?

Free applications normally have lesser revenue, and hence a lesser efficient customer service. And surely, during times of calamity, you do not need any more incompetence to complicate things for you. In times of need, you require consistent support from highly trained professionals, which you will find in the 24×7 customer service centres provided by paid Fleet Management Solutions.

We hope you have found a solution to the query you had at the beginning. We may sound biased, but it’s only because research along with all factors stated above, are proof that at least for Fleet Management solutions, paid might be the way to go. Visit Baba Trucks portal for these types of tips on fleet management.

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