Why is Water Purification Necessary?

Why is Water Purification Necessary

From school, we have been taught that earth is made up about 70 % of water and 30% land. With this much amount of water available to us, why do we need to think about water scarcity at all? In most of the international and national conferences around the world, it is discussed that the sooner there shall be water scarcity. Why is it so? As per the various journals and researches being carried out all across the world, it is stated that out of 70 % water available to us, only 2% water is fit for drinking. This 2% water is termed as fresh water, which is available to us in the form of rivers, rain, underground water and other collective forms like ponds, lakes and wells etc. only 2% water is meeting the requirements of the world. With high standards of living, the amount of water used is increasing.

It is said that when world wars were fought for oil, next world war would take place for water. The developed countries use more water because of the advanced lifestyle like more than two washrooms in a house, car washing, laundry; gardening and household works and 24-hours water supply, etc. Different standards have been recommended for water use per person, with a developed city given higher values for water used per capita. But still we are not using water sustainably, which has resulted in a water shortage. In coming future many countries will face drought-like condition if water is not used in a smarter way and our future generation would find it difficult to survive. So it is our duty to find out a solution for this such that it remains with the next generation.

Not only awareness schemes are sponsored by the govt on how to use the water in a smarter and optimum way, but also there are technologies in the market that can recycle the used water for other purpose. Now the question arises, how can we reuse water used? The answer to this is water treatment and water purification. Water treatment and water purification plants are being installed and setup in various cities for the obvious purpose. The wastewater treatment plant treats the water from the sewers and makes it reusable with its basic technique. The need for the wastewater treatment plant was felt in such a way that it could save a lot of potential water from being wasted. And similarly water purification plant gives the treated water fit for drinking. From these two technologies two demands are met, one for the smart use of water without it being wasted and second, clear water fit for drinking and meeting today’s standards.

Water purifier plants of varying capacities are installed based on the demand. For example, 100 Lph capacity plant would meet a smaller demand of lesser number of people and larger capacity plant can fulfil a complete village’s requirement. A 100 lph RO water purifier price is easily available in the market. The rates may vary depending upon the efficiency, specification and capacity of the plant. A 100 lph RO system price is optimum as it doesn’t require larger setup or installation and is easily available in market at the best price.

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