Who is a Chief Learning Officer?

Chief Learning Officer

If you ask any person today what they want most out of their profession, the top three things that you will hear is – a good pay, work satisfaction & the opportunity to learn. And, an employer needs to offer a mix of these three factors to build a strong and content workforce.

In this article, let us focus on the need of today’s professionals to get a chance to widen the horizons of their skill and knowledge and on the job role that is rising for fulfilling this need.

These days, businesses are gearing up to cater to the learning needs of their workforce by building organization-wide learning & development programs and this has given birth to the position of a Chief Learning Officer. Here is all you need to know about the CLO post.

Chief Learning Officer – What do they do?

For your employees to learn about newer topics to make their career more valuable and versatile, they need to gain knowledge through training programs covering a plethora of themes relevant to their job. Now, who is responsible for corporate learning program?

It is none other than the Chief Learning Officer. As the designation suggests, the CLO takes up the task of emanating knowledge throughout the organization. As per elearningmind.com, an excellent example of a CLO is Amy Hayes. She is the Global L&D head of Facebook & works towards the growth of almost 95,00 workers.

What does a CLO’s job encircle?

The primary duty in the hands of a Chief Learning Officer is to build schemes for the workforce in connection with learning, training, credentialing & development in the context of contriving and maintaining the overall culture of the firm & fabricating the talent pipeline to fulfill the requirement for future leadership. Their functions typically include:

  • Producing a company’s educational process
  • Boosting knowledge management
  • Instituting effectual training programs
  • Directing change management on a large scale
  • Overseeing as well as adopting the latest technology
  • Communicating the eminence of learning

On a day to day basis, a Chief Learning Officer reviews training needs, communicates with company’s associates to sustain alignment, observes HR processes, provides assistance for L&D processes, and ensure that the training sessions are informative and interesting.

Why is a CLO important for organizations?

Companies need employees that are growth oriented and up to date with industry trends and knowledge which is not possible without keeping them exposed to education & training. Moreover, businesses have to be aware of their environment and need a person to take charge of that. Someone who can sustain the company’s culture and impart skills into the talent pool.

A Chief Learning Officer ensures that employees constantly learn and produce new ideas which are essential for the growth and success of the whole organization. Their core mission to spread knowledge at every level of the company.

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