What to Expect: Your First Time Using Henna


At the time I started using Henna, I felt it’s a best thing I ever prefer for my hair care.

Henna herb used for numerous of hair treatments due to its miraculous effect and it is good for natural hair care as I heard somewhere- “Great Hair Doesn’t Happen By Chance, It Happens by Natural Care”.

Things to Know Before Using Henna Dye:

  • Using Henna is pretty easy and straight-forward.

Henna can be simply mixed with water to make a paste and ready to apply on desired hair areas for hair coloration or grey hair coverage. Also you can mix it with yogurt for extra conditioning to moisturize the hair.

  • Henna will stain everything

Henna will stain all blemishes, dark spots, grey hairs, sun damaged skin and hair while soothing all and providing complete nourishment to the scalp and hair. Henna will converts all the frizzy and timid hair into healthy bouncy hair.

  • Henna is an ancient remedy

Henna is being used from ancient time for natural hair coloration of all areas like scalp, temple area, eyebrows or other hairy areas. This is the safest and purest way to calms the skin in summer or in all weathers to take care of the hair.

  • Henna Can give any Desired Color

Henna is red in color that gives red coloration to the hair but when mixed with Indigo, it can give any desired coloration- either Bright color or dark color depending on the quantity of blending the two.

  • For Darker Shades, Indigo powder> Henna Powder
  • For Lighter Shades, Indigo Powder< Henna Powder

In this way, using Henna is Fun and Easy!

  • Stop Hair Breakage or Promotes New Hair Growth

Henna reduces thinning of hair while controlling the hair fall or environmental hair breakage while giving tough fight to the dirt and pollution. While it boosts the natural hair growth making hair healthy, young and voluminous.

  • Nourishes Damaged or Dry Hair

Organic Henna naturally hydrates and moisturizes the hair roots and strengthens hair follicles while boosting hair volume and calms all dry, itchy, sunburn skin and hair while maintaining smoothness of the hair.

We Only Recommend Using 100% Pure Henna!

Pure Henna (from dried leaves) should be a finely ground powder that is green in color. Use henna that is being sifted and chemical free. Prefer “Bio Organic Henna Leaf Powder” is absolutely Organic and pure herbal henna powder for hair.

  • The Organic Henna is Triple Sifted and microfined.
  • Fresh Crop provides great coloration.
  • Provides full coverage to grey hair.
  • Chemical free with no pesticide and synthetic color.
  • Certified and doctor recommended brand product.

Organic Henna can easily replace any Organic Hair Color with its enrichment of nutritional benefits and promotes natural looking gorgeous shiny dark and young hair.

You will stop buying expensive chemical- based hair color from market after applying this miraculous fusion to your hair or brows.

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