What makes Indian Railways so Popular in the World?

What makes Indian Railways so Popular in the World?

Journeys are absolutely exciting and interesting if the mode of transportation is the correct one. What do you generally choose to go to other places? How often do you do travelling by train in India? Speaking of this nation, railways are like the heartbeat of this diverse land. It is apparently true because Indian railways connect the different distant places of country that too without any inconvenience.  Whether hill stations, villages, metropolitans or suburbs; you can find trains catering a comfortable and professional experience to travellers.

Improved features

The features in Indian railways are on constant rise.  Whether you speak of PNR number, ticket availability, Order Food from Train or any other feature; there are many facilities. Since individuals prefer to travel by train in India, the Indian railways has been doing improvements constantly and introducing new areas for traveling.  There are myriad of trains that are getting introduced and various different types of schemes stem every month. All this is doing on because Indian railways are one of the hugest networks of the world and it is progressing towards becoming the best.

Myriad types of Stations

You might find it stimulating that there are thousands of railway stations in India that keep the passengers consoled and linked.  Indian railway stations are the representative and one of the most prominent landmarks for people of India.  The complete number of railway stations in the country is estimated to be somewhat in eight thousand to eight thousand five hundred.   Indian railways are the fourth biggest employer in the whole world and employ more than a million people.  Certainly once you go to a specific place in train, you can observe that your train stops at different stations.  There are even some trains that stop at more than fifty or seventy stations during the journey. Isn’t it just so amazing how trains are keeping the folks of different areas, regions and states linked?

Food wills never a problem

Earlier people use to dodge train journeys because they thought that there is not going to be food on trains or they would have to eat cold stiff food that they packed from home.  But in the present time, the railways have advanced so much that there is no scarcity of food options on board.  Certainly whether you want food or snacks from the pantry in the train, want to take food from the hawkers and vendors or wish to order it, you can do everything.  There is a lot of variety to choose from and you can be specific in your choice.

Where in the past there were only a few items that you can choose from, in the present time you can make a choice that suits you. Even if you plan to eat something particular you can order it and you get the delivery on the next railway station. In this way you get warm, spicy and scrumptious food to eat.


Thus, these are a few of the many things that make Indian railways absolutely popular across the world.

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