What If You Could Order A Bicycle Online From The Comfort of Your Home

What If You Could Order A Bicycle Online From The Comfort of Your Home

Bike manufacturers have upped their games in recent years, making more durable and revolutionized bicycles. With the gurus doing top-flight carbon bikes with advanced features like smarter braking system and aluminum alloy frames, it’s easier and cheaper to own your dream bicycle.  Bikes with a premium building quality with redefined features and designs are entering the bike market every other day. You don’t want to be left out. Buy a bicycle online through a dealer or the original manufacturer’s store.

What Is the Difference between Online Dealers and Real Manufacturer Stores?

An online bike dealer sources their bikes from the original manufacturer and supplies them to their customers. They don’t own any physical stores. They get the photos and features of the bikes and present them online for customers to see and make their purchases. As with manufacturer stores, they sell the original products of such manufacturers.

Where Should You Buy to Save Money

The decision on whether to buy from the official manufacturer’s website or a third-party dealer is left to you. However, before you have concluded on which of the stores to buy, these are some things you need to know.

  • The price in the original manufacturer’s website is usually lower as they don’t pay for storage and other related costs.
  • The original manufacturer will get the product packaged and shipped faster
  • The original manufacturer can never deliver low-quality or wrong products.
  • You can rarely be duped while buying from the original manufacturer—they have a reputation to protect.
  • Third-party parties offer the bicycles at a price slightly higher than the original manufacturer
  • You aren’t 100% assured of your safety when buying from a third store as not all are to be trusted.

Which Online Bicycle Store to Trust

If you’ve decided to purchase a bicycle online, make sure you opt for bike manufacturer such as XDS bicycles who have a reputation in the designing and production of highest quality bicycles that are affordable and fun to ride. Their bike production history dates back to 1995 when they started creating premium bake frames that were used by the world’s biggest bike brands. They’re the first Australian company to manufacture the modern Retro/Vintage commuter bicycle. Also, they’re Australian’s biggest manufacturer of affordable and eco-friendly mid-drive electric bikes.

XDS bicycles has stores and dealers all over Australian with tons of them offering online bike sales and delivery. They have an online newsletter which updates their loyal customers regarding their latest bikes, exclusive deals, deals, and all other updates.

Bikes are the funniest, most affordable and versatile ways to explore the world without paying a dime on fuel. Bikes make riding across unroadworthy conditions suitable and let you keep yourself fit without needing to invest much. When you decide to buy a bicycle online, it’s crucial to find a trustworthy bike manufacturer and compare deals from several of their dealers if they don’t sell the bikes online.  You’ve to settle for a dealer who best understands your needs and is ready to provide topnotch products.

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