We discover Hampi the Capital of Vijayanagara

We discover Hampi the Capital of Vijayanagara

It is an incredible city known as the city of Victory, it was the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire from 1336 to 1565 , occupies an area of ​​about 26 square kilometers in the valley of the majestic Tungabhadra River in Karnataka, India.

It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986, it is composed of more than 350 spectacular monuments made up of temples, palaces, elephant stables, among others and its length is approximately 26 kilometers.

It is no secret that the palaces, gardens and temples are all part of the great treasure that Hampi is home to, one of India’s favorite destinations.

The definitive decline of the Vijayanagara Empire came to 1565, when the Sultans of Decan allied to defeat their leader in the battle of Talikota. One of the first places to be taken was the capital, and since then, once taken, it never regained its former splendor.

At present, it is in ruins, but when we go through them we enter a unique experience, walking among these immense monuments can still revive the majesty of the greater empire of India after the fall of the Mughals. The modern city closest to Hampi is Hospet, the perfect place to stay and from there head to the former imperial capital.

How to visit the Hampi ruins?

First of all it is advisable to rent a motorcycle or a Tuk Tuk, because the distances between temple and temple are quite large that way you will have more possibilities to see the ruins in a short time.

We recommend an intense two-day tour in Hampi so you can get an idea of ​​the magnitude, splendor and be able to enjoy the wonders of this ancient kingdom.

All the ruins of Hampi are scattered in an area of ​​36 kilometers so it is essential (and with the heat it is a good idea) to rent a type of transport that facilitates mobility, that is where the tuk tuk enter as a ring finger.

What to see in the ruins of Hampi?

  • Kadlec Alu Ganesha Temple: Here we find a huge stone statue of God Ganesha, one of the largest in the archaeological site of Hampi. From the hills of the temple you can have great views of the ruins and the Virupaksha temple.
  • Virupaksha Temple: A few years ago its entrance was free but since 2018 they charge you 25 rupees to enter, this temple allows us to see the Hindus in their day to day, if you enter barefoot you feel the oil and the incenses as well as the songs and prayers of the pilgrims and visitors. You look around and among the ruins thousands of monkeys eating bananas, this temple is an architectural and visual wonder decorated with exquisite reliefs and sculptures that represent warlike and fertile scenes.
  • Vittala Temple: To enter this temple you have to pay, it costs 600 rupees.An interesting fact about this temple is that the outer pillars produce music when you hit them gently, in this temple you can enjoy one of the Icons of Hampi, the car of Stone one of the best preserved monuments of this ancient kingdom.
  • Hazara Rama Temple:This temple is one of my favorites in Hampi; it is located before the royal enclosure and has impressive bas-reliefs and frescoes that represent the epic Hindu history of Ramayana.
  • Narasimba Temple:This temple has a giant statue of Ganesha, without much effort in 3 minutes you are tall enough to appreciate the pottery of Hampi and the Virupaksha temple in the distance while you watch the sun go down.

How to get to Hampi by different means

  • By train: Hampi has no train station, but it does have the nearby city of Hospet or Hosapete, which is about 40-45 minutes away from Hampi. The train station is called Hosapete Jn; once you arrive at this station you have several options:
  • Tuk Tuk to Hampi:The price varies and depends on when you manage to negotiate
  • Local bus:The bus station is 2 kilometers from the train station in a straight line
  • Taxi:They can be somewhat expensive
  • By bus: You can take a bus from the company Paulo Travels, which was in sleeper class, has a lot of comfort and the price varies.
  • By plane:Hosapete or Hospet has a small airport if you prefer to fly there, to achieve this you will have to stop in Bangalore and from there to Hospet and then by road to Hampi.

Where to stay in Hampi?

I recommend 3 of my favorite hotels, if they are worth it and they have a very good service:

  • Hotel Lakshmi heritage tourist home:It is located in near virupaksha temple, Janata plot, Hampi, Karnataka 583239, and India. It has comfortable rooms with air conditioning, room service, free WIFI with transport to and from the airport.
  • Hotel Rashmitha Guesthouse:It is located in Hampi Bazaar St, Hampi, Karnataka 583239, and India. It has a full laundry service, free WIFI, bar, restaurant and its business center
  • Hotel Clarks Inn:It is located at HPC Road Opp ASI Museum-kamalapur, Hospet, Taluk, Kamalapur, Karnataka 583221, and India. It has its pool, free breakfast, free WIFI, is quite close to public transport, restaurant and free parking

Restaurants in Hampi

Hampi is a very varied place for their meals and for anyone it is a secret that they have varieties of restaurants to choose from but I will make a small list of my favorites (Mango Tree Restaurant, Funky Monkey, Sri Venkateshwara hotel, Suresh Restaurant)

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