The Good, the Bad & Ugly: Things a Divorce Attorney May Ask You to Share

The Good, the Bad & Ugly: Things a Divorce Attorney May Ask You to Share

No one likes to go through a divorce but sadly, it is a common trend nowadays. In the United States, 40-50% of all marriages end in divorce. The number is even higher for subsequent marriages. As if the emotional torture of ending a relationship with someone you love is not enough, the legal process is even more draining. This is why the choice of a good divorce attorney is paramount.

Many people who are yet to hire a lawyer to handle their divorce proceedings worry about what they will be asked to share. Although there is a confidentiality agreement that your lawyer will sign before working with you, some folks are uncomfortable sharing certain sensitive information to anyone. If you fit the description, brace yourself because you will do some unmasking to your lawyer. Follow through as we reveal some of the things a divorce attorney may ask you to share.

  1. Grounds of divorce

One of the very first questions a divorce lawyer will ask their client is why they have divorced their partner. It is also one of the requirements in all state courts. Unless you live in a no-fault divorce state, your lawyer will be asked to give one or more reasons why you are filing for divorce. The reason has to be something pre-established and solid such as physical abuse, adultery, abandonment, and drug abuse. Most stated also accept less accusatory reasons such as irreconcilable differences and irretrievable marriage breakdown as probable causes of divorce.

  1. Personal information

Your attorney will also request for your personal information and that of your spouse. This includes any proof of residency, basic information (full name, social security number, and date of birth), contact information (phone number, email address, and physical address), employer information, how long your spouse has been employed, any business he or she runs, and where to serve the divorce papers to your spouse.

  1. Family information

The third thing you will share with your divorce lawyer is whether you have children from the current and previous marriages. In addition, they will ask about the wedding details (place and date you got married), existing custody arrangements, child support, health insurance, and the name of your spouse’s lawyer.

  1. Property information

Expect your attorney to also ask you to share your property’s information. Some of the things will include the address of your property, addresses of mortgage companies (if any), any outstanding mortgage balance, the estimated value of your property, list of all transportation items, make of each vehicle, and address of any lender with a title to any transportation item. Be prepared to give them all the deeds to each property, bank statements, refinancing paperwork, and escrow documents of the initial purchase of the property.

  1. Financial information

Last but not least, your divorce lawyer will want to know all your financial information. Some of the things they will ask for include a list of separate and joint bank accounts, savings bonds, C.D.s, credit cards, mutual funds, investment accounts, debit cards, and stocks. You will also be required to render any information regarding any money owed, involvement with any lawsuit, and a list of any livestock owned.

There it is: 5 things a divorce attorney will ask you to share. To make the process easier, simply cooperate with your lawyer. Render all the information without holding back. At the end of the day, they are on your side and they will fight tooth and nail to get what you truly deserve.

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