Some common problems related to RO Water Purifier

Some common problems related to RO Water Purifier

Surviving without water is next to impossible. But more importantly, living without uncontaminated water or fresh germ-free water is more difficult. As it can lead to several health problems. That is why we all have the facility of RO Water Purifier now which can help us in providing the clean water at ease. But these water purifiers also need certain maintenance. As there are many problems that can occur in these water purifiers. Here, we will talk about those problems only.

RO Purifier Not Working

There can be times when you RO Water Purifier will stop working completely. So, you need to know the reason behind it. If you will check the water purifier properly, you will notice that none of the functions are working. That means even the LED light is not turning on. This means, your water purifier has some problem in getting the power(electricity). There can be different reasons behind it like, maybe the wire could have become faulty, or maybe the wire could have got burnt from somewhere inside. So, in these cases, you will need an electrician or technician.

Change in water odor

If you start noticing any change in the water odor, then you need to look after it. As there might be a possibility that your RO Water is not working properly. The water gets filtered in the RO Purifier, and it comes by passing through different filters or compartments inside the purifier. If the filter has become old and it requires a replacement, then also the water may change its odor. Do check the supply water as well. Because in many cases, the supply water might be coming with the foul odor, which can continue after filtration also. So, it means that now it’s time to get the water purifier repair.

Water coming slowly

The flow of water becoming slow in the water purifier is not a new problem. As it happens with almost everyone who is using the water purifier. There can be many reasons behind it. When the water passage gets clogged or when the filters get clogged then also the water starts coming slowly. Other reason can be the pressure of water in the water tank. As if it is low, then there are chances that the water may come slowly.

Water leakage from purifier

If you see that the water is leaking from somewhere from the Water Purifier, then you need to get it rectified. As this can be because of the faulty equipment used in the water purifier. Or it can also leak because of the loose fitting of the equipment of water purifier. Try to observe from where the water is leaking. As then only you will be able to know, what is the exact cause behind it. Because in both the cases which we mentioned, you will either need to get water purifier repair. Or you will need to get the equipment replaced.

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