Should you go to a Dietician?

Dietitians are those who take care of human nutrition. Based on the medical conditions of the patients dietitian diagnosed the patients and suggest them proper diet. There are common confusion about how to spell dietitian, should it end with “-tian” or should it end with “-cian”. American publisher McGraw-Hill exclusively uses ‘C’in the 2003 edition of the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific & Technical Terms and the 2002 edition of the McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine but other  American dictionaries extensively use the ‘T’.As the spelling with ‘T’ is more common in united states so it’s more common to use the spelling with ‘T’.

Who is a dietician?

A dietitian is a professional who has a proper bachelor degree on an accredited nutrition curriculum and has an internship from an approved healthcare. There is common confusion between a dietitian and nutritionist. The most basic deference that dietitian are more bound to the legal premises because they are registered with commission on dietetic Registration (CDR) after that, they cancall themselves as registered dietitians (RDs) but in case of nutritionists, they are often free from the government regulation. In some state nutritionists have to obtain license from the Board of Nutrition.

What does a dietician do?

A dietitian controls our food habits according to our blood pressure and sugar cholesterol level so that we can maintain the right weight. Another important aspect of consulting a dietitian is that they can help to control the diabetics. Diabetics is one of the most common malady of the modern world. The dietitians can prescribe a proper diet, exercise and tips like eating small proportion at specific intervals. If you are aiming to lose weight, you can also consult a dietitian.

How to find a dietician?

If you are searching for a dietitian in Gurgaon, you will find a lot of options which might confuse you. Although the diet related solution can be found by a simple Google search although the solutions are not applicable for each individual. As different person have a different body type so it is better to consult a dietitian who will provide a better diet, exercise and routine habits. While consulting the dietitian some important points we have keep in mind.

Always check whether your dietitian is well expected and well qualified. The clinic should be located nearby so that you do not have to spend a lot of time while travelling. The dietitian should offer consultation online so that when you travel, you can contact your dietitian. Your dietitian should have a clinic not a freelancer. The dietitian should suggest something pocket friendly and it should not have side effects. The dietitian’s fees should be reasonable. Dieting does not mean that we have stay hungry for the long time, which eventually open up doors for lots of unwanted diseases. Diet charts usually focus on the healthy eating habits and consuming less proportion of food after certain intervals. So, refer the best dietician in Gurgaon to make things work.

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