Peter Max – Celebrating the Passion and Joy for Pop and Cosmic Art for 50 Years

Celebrating the Passion and Joy for Pop and Cosmic Art for 50 Years

Pop and cosmic art have a magical appeal over people for their bold themes and vibrant colors. This form of art is considered to be popular among the young and old for its styles and patterns. The artists spread inspiring messages to the targeted audience, and they aim to deliver paintings that reflect the present times. This form of art uses any subject, and it is generally infused with color and bold themes to make it unique and different from the conventional art forms in the world today.

Peter Max- an artist in the field of pop art and neo-expressionism

Peter Max is a pop artist who has been inspiring the masses for the last 50 years. He uses colorful themes, styles, and patterns in his artwork that appeals to pop art lovers across the world. Ever since the oil spill at Santa Barbara in 1969, he has focused his attention to spreading awareness on environmental issues that plague the world today. This disaster had a profound effect on him, and he is actively involved now in protecting the environment and its natural resources. He resorts to using colorful illustrations when it comes to reaching out to millions of pop and cosmic art fans across the world. He was encouraged by his mom and dad in the field of art, and this is why he later trained under some of the most iconic names in the world. You can come across some of his prominent works on Facebook and other social media platforms.

His passion for painting

His artwork is always displayed at museums and galleries as agents say his work is loved and appreciated by art lovers across the world. He has traveled the world and has lived in China, Israel, and Paris. When he lived in Shanghai, he was influenced by a Buddhist monastery and later by astronomy. This is why if you examine his work, you will find big and bold themes with the presence of the stars, the Sun, the Moon and the planets in his work. His work stole the hearts of millions across the world and still is passionate about painting.

His creative eye for color and detail

He has a creative eye for color and detail. His styles and his bold themes create an indelible impression in the mind once you see it. He had been encouraged by his mom and dad when it comes to artwork and his painting. He has managed to deliver some powerful messages with his artwork. He has been close to iconic music bands like The Beatles and has painted them in various ways. He is known for the popular 7-Up campaign that he created when he started his career in advertising. Besides the above, he has created some memorable music posters of pop music bands in the world.

Peter Max has also painted The Statute of Liberty in many ways and from different angles. Each work of art in the above field is different from the rest. Verizon used his Statute of Liberty collage and incorporated in its 145 million phones.

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