How to Use Ketomac Shampoos

How to Use Ketomac Shampoos

Ketomac shampoo is a kind of medicated shampoo which is mainly prescribed to people by dermatologists because the patients are suffering from severe dandruff issues. When one uses this shampoo, they get some relief from scaling and constant itching on the scalp and this shampoo also prevents the growth of the fungus which actually gives rise to dandruff issues.

There are best ketoconazole shampoos available in the drug stores and one should also know that this shampoo can also be used to treat certain kind of skin conditions like pityriasis. It is a kind of fungal infection which can actually lead to either lightening or darkening of certain skin areas like necks, arms, chests and legs.

One might wonder how this shampoo is used and what are the methods of using it? Well, to make it more effective one needs to wet the hair fully with water. Then they need to apply the right amount of ketoconazole shampoo on the scalp and hair which can create enough lather. If one wants more lather, they can also add some mild regular shampoo with it before applying. Then massage the shampoo gently yet well over the scalp. Let it stay there for a minute or two and then rinse it well with lukewarm water. One may also need to repeat the process depending on what the dermatologist has prescribed them to do. When the shampoo is done, one needs to dry the hair well but naturally.

If one wants to treat other parts of the skin areas apart from the scalp, then one first needs to wet the skin area and then apply the shampoo on the affected part of the skin. Lather the area and then keep it for 5 minutes. Then rinse it well with water.

But how much shampoo is needed to be used and for what time period one need to use them has to be decided by the dermatologist. All the patients need to follow the doctor’s prescription thoroughly because each and every patient has a different requirement. When one uses this shampoo, they need to avoid contact with the eyes. If that gets into eyes accidentally one has to rinse it thoroughly with water.  In Case one faces allergy or a swollen scalp after using the shampoo then they should immediately contact the doctor.

One might have a curiosity regarding whether these kind of shampoos have any side effects or not. According to medical studies, regular usage of these shampoos can lead to some irregularities in hair texture, discoloration of hair, irritation, pimples on the scalp. There can also be some dryness on the hair and the scalp but if that lasts longer than one should definitely consult the doctor.

But there are a few harsh allergic reactions that can also happen by using this shampoo. If that happens, then one should ask the doctor immediately because if it is left untreated then it can cause dizziness, breathing issues, swelling and rashes.

One can also buy ketomac shampoo online but it is a better idea to get it from a drug store.

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