How to Take Care of Hair Loss

How to Take Care of Hair Loss

If you are worried that everyday some additional strands of hair are falling then one has to be a bit cautious about it. One needs to take care of those lustrous locks.

How to Take Care of Hair Loss

If you think, how to increase hair volume naturally, then here are some simple things to take note of.

Aloe Vera

This can do wonders on your hair. It is a natural remedy which can bring hair fall under control. It can prevent all the essential nutrients and moisture’s present in the scalp which in turn increases the process of hair growth. One can apply fresh aloe vera gel on the scalp and the roots of hair and let it stay for an hour. Then use a mild shampoo to wash it off properly. One can use it on a regular basis to reduce hair fall issues.

Hair care

One also has to be careful about the fact that how often do they shampoo. If one has an oily scalp then they need to shampoo their hair every alternate day and if they have a normal or a dry scalp then shampooing twice a day is still okay. It is also very necessary to use a proper conditioner after every time you shampoo. The conditioners help the hair strands to get untangles so that the hair becomes more manageable. But apply it at least an inch away from the scalp.

Use Amla

Age old things always work in a positive way. Amla is an old herbal remedy and it can cure a lot of hair issues. It can prevent early greying of hair and also reduces hair fall. One needs to eat an amla on an empty stomach on a regular basis in order to get good results.

Oil massage

The scalp always needs a good massage. By this it can improve the blood circulation of the scalp and also makes the hair roots healthy.  One can always massage their scalp in a circular motion and the best oils to use for massage purposes are coconut oil, almond oil or jojoba oil. If one has heavy dandruff issues then they can use rosemary oil or mix a tea spoon of fresh lemon juice in coconut oil before applying. After massaging, wrap the hair in a warm towel for an hour before shampooing it off.

No chemicals

One should stay away from all the unnecessary hair styling like straightening, perming and hair colours. This can make the hair very dry and dull. Also the chemicals present in this procedure can make the hair very fragile and weakens the roots. This results to more hair loss.


If one is suffering from stress then it can also lead to hair loss. Excess stress can also lead to untimely greying of hair. One can do some exercise or yoga or some meditation to reduce the stress. This will also help to have some supply of oxygen in hair and reducing hair loss.

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