How to get rid of Japanese knotweed on your own? Check out this post

How to get rid of Japanese knotweed on your own? Check out this post

One of the most damaging and invasive species of weed in the United States and the United Kingdom is the Japanese knotweed. Acres after acres of lush greenery are being invaded by this foreign plant that was accidentally shipped there centuries ago.

Even though the Japanese knotweed plant is very similar to bamboo because of its characteristics, however, it kills all the native species of plants on its way. It is very invasive that it only takes roughly a year before it covers an entire yard leaving no room for native plants to grow.

So, if you notice Japanese knotweed has already shown signs of growing and taking over part of your backyard or your front porch, you should learn how to eliminate this invasive plant immediately. Scientifically known as Fallopia Japonica, this plant can grow up to 13-feet tall. It has a heart-shaped leaf which is as big as your palm and has a red vein and stems which is very easy to identify.

A lot of people find this plant damaging and a pest because it grows faster than you can imagine. It grows ten centimeters each day, and because of its very rapid growth in proper conditions, it already damaged properties, building structures, and even substructures by growing on gaps, weak points, and small cracks in masonry as it attempts to grow in between them.

Usually, Japanese knotweed damage concrete pavements, an airport’s tarmac, building foundations, wall structures, and it also causes a reduction in property values which concerns a lot of property owners because of the risks this invasive plant poses to their properties.

In fact, a lot of property owners have problem with their mortgages because of Japanese knotweed as more and more mortgage companies are declining to lend on properties that are being infested with Japanese knotweed.

So, how do you eliminate and get rid of Japanese knotweed? Just like other plants, Japanese knotweeds spread and multiply through rhizomes beneath the ground which makes the elimination process very difficult and time-consuming that is why if you are planning to remove this plant completely, you have to be diligent and persevering in order to become successful.

Most of those who successfully eliminated Japanese knotweed on their properties is that they used a non-selective herbicide by using an undiluted formula where the weed is mostly concentrated. However, it is easier said than done because the Japanese knotweed is not easy to kill, instead, it only weakens it that is why it is best advised to repeatedly spray the plant until it dies because of its repeated regrow.

If you do not have the luxury of time to take care of these invasive plants, there are local services that eliminate invasive plants through their paid services. There are even communities out there that offer free service and free spraying of any Japanese knotweed sprawling in any area.

Before you start spraying or uprooting Japanese knotweed, you have to conduct some research about this plant in order for you to successfully eliminate it from your property.

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