Get the Office in the Best Location

Get the Office in the Best Location

For any business or practice, one needs to have a quality office that can add a huge value to the routine operation. In megacities such as Noida, it is not that easy to have own office in a prime location. The real estate market has always got the commercial properties at high rates, and for a new business, it may not be that much possible to get the fund and invest in property when the business may not be set also. It is much obvious that in the initial phase of any business or profession one has to struggle hard to have a sound customer base and make it a routine.

What to check while going for leasing an office?

The moment one starts searching for the office, one needs to select the area where he wants it. There are many new complexes built in some of the leading areas of Greater Noida where one can find amazing properties with excellent connectivity. Effective connectivity to different areas of the city is the prime concern for anyone who wants to lease an office. The real estate brokers can also be much helpful if one wants to go for office for lease in Greater Noida. One needs to visit the area as well as the office to have a look before selecting it. It is always advised to check a few of the offices before going for any of them. The size of the office, property age and connectivity as well as features are some of the primary aspects one needs to check before going for it.

The rate:

For one who wants to hire an office, the rent is the major factor that can affect his decision. Usually, the rate is fixed as per the market and varies as per the square feet size of the office. In many areas, the location also affects the price set in the market. The office can be available with or without furniture. The furnished office may have high rent compared to the unfurnished one. If one has got own furniture or ready to bear the cost of the furniture he can have an office on leasing greater Noida at low rent also.

One needs to keep the deposit, brokerage (if goes with the help of a broker) and advanced rent ready with him the moment he finalises the office. There are also some important clauses in the agreement that he needs to take into account which include the property tax and maintenance charges of the same. One needs to decide if the owner of the property will bear these charges or he will have to bear them.

In case one wants to have the shop on rent for a retail business he also needs to see that it has sufficient space to keep the stock as well as the display. The surrounding of the shop also matters a lot while starting a new business and therefore one needs to check the shop before selecting it. The space for signboard of the shop must be available at the property that one selects to take on rent.

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