CCTV Installation for Elevators: Top DO’s and Don’ts to Know

CCTV Installation for Elevators

With the continued increase of cases in insecurities in this world, we all want to feel secure wherever we are. People have become so malevolent that you can’t just trust anyone, especially strangers.

Even though an elevator is a small space, imagine entering one with a total stranger; won’t you feel scared? Well, most people would. Everyone wants to feel that sense of security in an elevator—it makes your mind be at peace. CCTV cameras play a very vital role in ensuring that you feel secure, no wonder they have been embraced everywhere including elevators.

However, installing an elevator CCTV camera comes with several challenges. Considering that the elevator move, wiring a camera to a digital video recorder, for instance, is not really possible. So, to get the most from your next CCTV installation in an elevator, there are some Do’s and Don’ts that you will need to remember.

  1. The Do’s

Here are some suggestions that will help you utilize the full potential of your CCTV in an elevator.

  • Hire Professional: In order to get the best out of CCTV’s, they need to be installed by professionals. Non-professionals can make mistakes that can result in malfunctions like insufficient control or poor coverage. Professionals will get the job done correctly.
  • Install a camera With a Small Sensor: Since elevators have small spaces with retreat areas that are quite low, it is advisable to install cameras with small sensors so that you can capture a wide angle. Besides, the camera should have a small focal length since it will be shooting at a small distance. This also makes the viewing angle better.
  • Install The Camera At The Top Left and Right Corner: Installing the camera at the top left corner will enable you to see clearly who is entering the elevator. Installing at the top right corner will enable you to have a clear view of the entire elevator room.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t Use Outdated Cameras: Strive to use the latest technology as outdated cameras are prone to hacking. When hacked, the cameras will never serve the intended purpose and the security of your premises will be compromised.
  • Don’t use large cameras: The top of the elevator can easily be reached by someone while standing, making large cameras easy to vandalize.
  • Don’t record audios: Make sure your cameras record videos only. Recording audios without permission amounts to a violation of Federal wiretapping law. This might land you in some hot soup, something we are sure you don’t want.

Now that you understand better a few Do’s and Don’ts of installing CCTV cameras in an elevator, you can go ahead and have them installed. By keenly observing the above Do’s and Don’ts, there is no doubt that you will achieve the best results—without getting on the wrong side with the law.  Whether it is your home or business premise, don’t hesitate to install CCTV cameras to give the elevator users the security they so yearn for.

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