Buying a Mattress Online vs. In-Store

Buying a Mattress Online vs. In-Store

One of the most commonly asked questions from buyers is whether it’s more sensible to buy a from physical mattress stores or online. Certainly, each option has its advantages and drawbacks. Here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of each option as well as our recommendation.

  1. Buying a Mattress Online

No doubt purchasing your mattress online is very convenient. However, it has lots of choices for you, something that can make you a little confused.

The main advantage of buying your mattress online is that you can buy them way cheaper if you are getting them straight from the manufacturer. This is because the middlemen have been cut out, which allows you to save lots of money on your purchase. As a result, you can buy a higher-quality mattress cheaply than if you had to go to your nearest store.

Another benefit is the sheer variety that online shopping presents you with. There are lots of options that you can choose from, though this can also confuse you to some extent.

However, buying your mattress online means you cannot try it before you buy. This is because you are not near the mattress, so you will only hope to get a nice mattress at the end of the day.

  1. Buying a Physical Mattress Store

The main advantage of purchasing your mattress from a brick and mortar store is that you have an opportunity of trying it first before you buy. Remember that it is important to examine the mattress for comfort and proper support, something you cannot do online.

Additionally, if you need help choosing a mattress, there are always salespeople in physical stores to guide you in picking the right mattress for you. And there is also a chance of saving some bucks, especially if you are good at negotiating. However, doing comparisons between different stores can be a lot difficult.

With in-store purchases, you can get help any time you need customer service. For instance, you may want to exchange your mattress or even return a pillow. If the store is nearby, you just walk in and talk to them and you will be sorted.

But it’s not all rosy purchasing a mattress in a physical store. Sometimes, the experience can be quite intimidating, and for someone who isn’t good at negotiating, you can even end up paying more. What’s more, many people are shy and won’t lie down on a mattress when other people are watching.

Final Verdict

Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, shopping for a mattress in-store gives you a more personalized experience compared to shopping online. On the other hand, shopping online gives you more variety than you can find in physical stores. Shopping online also makes it easy to compare different manufacturers and find the best prices. Therefore, it depends on what your preferences are. If you prefer checking out the mattress and trying different sleep positions before you buy, you better head to your nearest physical mattress store. But if you want more variety and cheaper options, your best bet is to buy your mattress online.

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