An Overview on Vaginal Douche during Pregnancy

An Overview on Vaginal Douche during Pregnancy

Douching is a thing that women have been doing for a long while to get rid of vaginal odor but have you thought about, what is douching while pregnant or the effect can be while you are going through the most important stage of your life? If you haven’t then you must know that you should refrain from it.

Douching is used to clean the vaginal areas with water or some kind of fluid like iodine, vinegar, and that is squirted by a nozzle into the area. There are so many medical groups and institutions who suggest women to not try this douching while they are pregnant or before that too, thus here we have covered the same for your convenience.

Health complications from douching

The matter that arises from this activity is can you douche during pregnancy when you have been doing this for a while before the pregnancy as well. In the recent studies and by some doctor’s advice, once in a month of douching is able to make pregnant difficult. On the other hand, this very thing can raise the chance of ectopic pregnancy and the future conceiving can always face some difficulties. If you are douching while you are going through the stage it might up show some problems at times of childbirth, and it can end up in early birth of your baby.

Other types of health complications are attached to douching are the vaginal infections and sexually transmitted infections and in rare cases AIDS. If you have been using this for the past six months then there is a higher risk for infections and has the chance of having increased amount of HPV, which can be the cause of cervical cancer and other types of genital swelling. According to a recent study douching can increase the risk of phthalates, it’s because of the chemicals are used at the time of douching. This very thing can is linked to the behavioral complexities in kids while they are still in the womb.

The usage of vaginal douche

After all these risks, why women still go on with this and it’s a matter of concern because of most African-American women more likely to get engaged with douching than latina or white ones. The African-American women have disclosed that they have learned this from their mothers, thus, it has been carried out by the generations. The reason behind it women have given that they feel safe having good hygiene and cleaner than before. However, the problem occurs with it that this very thing starts the imbalance of good bacteria in that area which disturbs the pH level in a huge way.

Thus, the thing you are supposed to do, just to avoid douching is that you can clean yourself with warm water and the best thing can happen cleaning by mucus. You also need to remember that your vaginal part isn’t supposed to smell like roses, but if you have been noticing some vaginal discharge, a burning sensation, redness or swelling around that area, you should definitely contact your doctor immediately.

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