An Overview of Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI


Magnetic resonance imaging is a unique radiology technique that uses magnetism and radio waves, then the images are shown via a computer. The scanner of MRI consists of a tube and that is surrounded by a huge circular magnet. This very magnet produces a strong magnetic field which helps in aligning the protons of hydrogen atoms, and the same is exposed to radio waves. If you are looking for this scan then you should go for, MRI scan centers in Chennai, as they are advanced and have better scanning facility.

The MRI images are very detailed and are able to detect any problem in the body structure. For some procedures contrast agents are used, one of them is gadolinium, and this is used to have more prominent images on the computer. To know about MRI we have given an overview on it for your help.

The uses of MRI

An MRI scan is used to detect any complexity in the entire body, but it’s mostly used for the proper diagnosis of a patient when all the other tests have failed to recognize the problem. Specialist MRI hospital Chennai has better techniques, and they are experts in detecting any issue through this test perfectly. Magnetic resonance imaging helps to show if there is any problem in the head like internal bleeding or swelling, and with that other types of abnormalities are found like, stroke, brain tumors, inflammation in the spine, aneurysms and so on.

MRI is mostly used by neurosurgeons and they, not only go for the anatomy of the brain but it also evaluates a post-traumatic situation on the spinal cord. This thing is also used to detect issues in the invertible discs of spine and vertebrae. The scan is the best to scan the heart for any tears and the same isn’t the first to come forth but the patient has to go through so many other tests then for a proper result they can get from MRI.

If anyone is having a serious problem on the glands and that is within the abdomen, MRI is capable of getting information on the joints and structures, of the bones, soft tissues inside the body. After the detection by the test, and receiving the result, surgeries are recommended by the doctors.

The preparation for MRI

If your doctor suggested an MRI scan then you need to prepare for it and that has to be from beforehand. In some cases the patients are given sedatives to lower the anxiety they are going through otherwise, it can be done when the patient is fully awake. In the MRI scan the patient has to lie down within an enclosed atmosphere, and that is inside the magnetic machine, and the person has to be relaxed in all forms, thus they are asked to breathe normally by the technologist. There are generally repetitive and loud noises occur during the scan and the patient might be injected by liquids to produce a clear result on the computer screen.

The MRI scan timing depends on the body part it’s going on, and based on that the time span can be an hour and a half.

The time to get the result

After the scan is done, the computer displays the visual images of the body part has been tested. The very images are then transferred to a hard copy and then a radiologist interprets the same. The findings are then transformed into a report and given to the technologist. After this, you have to see your doctor and to discuss the exact situation.

The benefits of MRI scan

  • Magnetic resonance imaging is generally safe as the radiologists use a minimum amount of radiation during the exam, but still, the patients such as children and pregnant mothers to avoid the matter of radiation completely. On the other hand, the machines of MRI do not use any kind of radiation and is very safe for the patients.
  • The other type of benefit is that it’s a non-evasive technique and is safer than angiography, for the patients who have heart issues. In some cases, the images on the computer get blurred and for that, the patient is injected with fluid and that is too in a minimum amount as well.
  • MRI scans have a versatile approach, and the test can be for the detection of the entire body issues and based on that vast test feature, the treatment can start. Cancer can be scanned; abnormalities in bones, heart, and spinal cord all can be detected by the same.

The side effects and risks of MRI

  • Although MRI is a very safe scanning technique and has a lesser risk for the patients. However, the people who have metallic implants in their body, they need to consult with their doctor and the technologist beforehand, because the implant can distort the image on the computer screen.
  • Patients who have pacemakers they cannot get this scan because the huge magnet can damage the metal around it and it can cause harm to the person.
  • As the patient has to stay inside a closed environment for the scan, they often feel claustrophobic, and sometimes they are unable to go through the test then a retest is required. For this scenario, the patients are often given sedatives to relax and they are urged to make conversation with the technologist, to ease the situation.
  • There are rarely any adverse events during the MRI scan but still, some patients have reported that they have felt a heating and a burning sensation. However, these cases are very rare and some patients might have second-degree burn issues. Other reports have come from the projectile situations and that can be, the ringing in the ear from the continuous sounds, and it can result in blurry images on the computer screen as well.

Thus, you get an overview on MRI scan and there are certainly fewer risks attached to it because it’s definitely a very safe test. If there is an issue within your body like metal implants, then talking to your doctor will resolve the problem. On the other hand, if the patient feels uncomfortable, that scenario also has a solution.

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