A Guide for Aspiring Streetwear Brand Entrepreneurs

A Guide for Aspiring Streetwear Brand Entrepreneurs

Setting up a clothing brand in London is definitely one of the many business ideas that people with a tremendous passion for good fashion can venture on. Of course, it is different from the establishment of a traditional brand, which is costly considering that doing so would entail finding a location, renting or even owning a building space, and if needed, hiring employees. If you are one of those people who are highly knowledgeable when it comes to fashion, you must know that there are steps you need to take in order for you to start your own clothing company just by using your Internet know-how and marketing skills.

Here is a list of some important tips on how you could successfully establish your clothing brand online. Take clues from an established streetwear brand that has a solid following online:

Be aware of what is trendy today and what could generate big returns for you. You must instead set your sights on a specific niche. This would certainly involve focusing on a certain audience and knowing what it wants. For instance, if you want to appeal to female teenagers, then your line of clothes and other related apparel should be within the said demographic.

Establish your unique selling point. Since you are going up against a lot of online competitors, it is important that you determine what sets your venture (and the products that you sell) apart from the others. Indeed, studying your competitions’ range of products and prices would help you devise better ways on how your online venture can be more appealing to your audience.

Search for the best supplier for your online clothing store. Make sure that it is a supplier that has a great reputation when it comes to working with sellers like you, and that the products they have are of the highest quality. This is especially true if you prefer either drop shipping as your online retailing method or carry an inventory.

Build your website. It is important, however, that you first purchase a domain name where you will set up your site. Also, choose a hosting company that can configure your site and turn it into a web store. Make sure that the online store has the entire clothing inventory for your potential customers to see. Categorize your products; help your customers find what they are looking for in your list of products. Before going live, the website should first undergo troubleshooting on all of its pages.

Every product that you showcase in your website should be well-described. Like most successful streetwear brands, take the time to write everything that your customers would like to know about it; treat it like it is a sales pitch. Also, product photography should be very well presented. Let them see every detail of it; that way, they will know what to expect. It is up to you if you want to present them as it is or with a model wearing or holding the product. More importantly, if you are selling footwear or clothing apparel, make sure that you provide size measurements.

Take advantage of social media. Apart from running your own website, it is important that you establish a connection with your customers and be able to reach out to them should you have new product arrivals or have important announcements about your clothing company. In fact, you can even do transactions with those in your social media page. If you are in the process of building your own site or that doing so is not yet a priority, your clothing business could be just a Facebook page.

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