A Combination of Style and Grace-Chanderi Sarees

A Combination of Style and Grace-Chanderi Sarees

Chanderi sarees dates back to the 12th centuries and it was originated in the town of chanderi at Madhya Pradesh, India. The material used in making chanderi saree is very soft, transparent and the fringes embroidered with heavy golden thread.

The process of weaving a chanderi sarees has been practiced over many generations in the town Chanderi. It has created a long lineage of skilled weavers who cannot be replaced by any new weavers as the skill they inherit is absolutely untarnished. Being one of the treasures of India’s textile industry, it holds a special place in every wearer’s collection.

Known for its transparency and sheer texture, these chanderi sarees are set apart by their lightweight and glossy texture. Chanderi sarees offers motifs like gold coins, bundi, flowers, birds and many more and they look exceptionally beautiful. It is really a great way to cherish our old weaving techniques which today also create a great look and style.

These sarees are beautifully conceptualized and are perfect in making you look chic at any gala event. It also features an overall foil printed designs which looks gorgeous when complemented with statement jewellery piece and ethnic heels. Styling sarees is easy you have to just know how to drape it! Draping a saree is also not in one way, there are so many ways to drape a saree which you see in every state in India. Our country has given us a major garment which can showcase how beautiful one can look. Even if you want to look stylish you can choose lace sarees over any other cotton or silk sarees as it helps you look more glamorous and stylish at the same time.

Lace Sarees-The Graceful Attire:

The vogue collection has always been such a graceful wardrobe essential as it makes it more apt for people to give a stand out statement. Lace sarees are one of the most stylish pieces which you always wonder how one fabric can beat other in the grace and panache it has. We have also seen most of Indian bollywood celebs adorning these lace sarees for events and movies.

Sarees have always been a permanent wardrobe essential which makes it even more functional for Indian women. Most of Indian women wear sarees on a regular basis but as we can see these sarees can work wonders on ones personality. There are so many types of sarees but the charm chanderi sarees has is totally different.

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