5 Benefits of Trademark Registrations which you Probably didn’t know of

5 Benefits of Trademark Registrations which you Probably didn't know of

Trademarks, which are also known as brand name, helps the brands to get a unique symbol beside their brand name, which indicates that the name of the brand is registered under the Indian Trademarks act. If anyone is found using the brand name or logo to sell their products, then the original brand has the authority to sue them legally. Any word, name, symbol, numerals, a combination of word, and numeral or devices can be registered under the trademark act. Registering it as a trademark makes it unique and protects it from duplicity and once can use the trademark symbol for selling their products exclusively. This symbol will provide them to distinguish their products from their competitors

 The name of a brand plays a huge role in influencing the decision of a consumer. The reputation of a brand will help the customer to decide whether they should opt for the product or services from this brand. So, it is vital that you protect your brand name from any misuse. People spend years on building a reputation for their brand, and this why it is essential that you protect it from all kind of misuse. Apart from protecting their brand name, there are multiple other benefits that one could acquire when they opt for trademark registration online. So, let us have a look at some of the most prominent benefits one would get when they opt for trademark registration.

Trademark registration benefits

Exclusive rights

The owner of a brand should always have the exclusive right over their products and should never encourage the usage of their product without their consent. And when you have registered your brand for a trademark, then you have the legal authority to sue any person if they are found using your brand name, logo, or copying your products. But, to gain this right, the user first needs to acquire the trademark certificate. And the rights that the user can claim under this have been stated in the certificate itself.

Goodwill and trusts

The recognition of your brand will be established through the quality of your service and product. And when you have a symbol of registered trademark beside your logo, it signifies that you have exclusive product or service which you don’t want others to misuse. And a symbol of a trademark establishes a positive image about your brand among the customers, which eventually will help your business to attract permanent customers who will be loyal to your brand.

The distinction of your product                                                                                                      

The best part about trademark registration is that it helps your brand todistinguish its product or service from the rest of your competitor in the market. When you have the ® mark beside your brand logo, it gets easier for the customers to recognize your brand easily. The logo will signify your quality, vision, uniqueness, and characteristic of your brand to the third parties, and it will also work as a marketing tool as well.

Assurance of quality

A company’ logo when registered helps the brand to get recognition among the customer as a quality brand. The trademark logo is one of the most highlighted parts of any brand as it assures quality. And having a registered trademark logo will help your brand to get the attention that it needs to flourish.

It is an asset

Apart from the advantages, a trademark registered brand also works as an asset. When the brand name is trademark registered, it is eligible for working as an asset and can be sold, franchised, assigned, and even commercially contracted.

So, register your brand today and reap the multifaceted benefits of it.

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