10 facts about driving under the influence

The first fact that you need to know about driving under the influence is that your impairment will not be dependent on the kind of alcohol that you have consumed. It will be on the basis of the number of drinks that you have had over a period of time. There are plenty of misconceptions and myths that people have about these situations. You may think that coffee, exercise, or a cold shower would make you sober but that is not the case. You need time for that. In legal terminology, the alcohol in your blood is referred to as BAC or blood alcohol content.

2nd fact

As your DUI defense attorney Colorado will tell you, a drunk driver would – on an average – drive 80 times in an inebriated state before she or he is arrested for said offense.

3rd fact

Every 51 minutes in the USA (United States of America) a person loses her or his life in a car crash that happened because she or he was driving drunk. This means that around 27 people die each day for such reasons. In this case, people who are close to the drunk driver and are have not drunk themselves should take the onus on themselves and drive them home safely.

4th fact

Drivers under 21 are not at all allowed to have any alcohol in their blood when they are behind the wheels. If they are caught having in such a state, they would have to pay a heavy price for the same. They would have to pay heavy fines, go to jail, or lose their license. The thing with this law is that it is relatively unknown.

5th fact

In the USA, every 2 minutes someone gets injured while driving drunk.

6th fact

In 2011 drunk drivers victimized 9878 people.

7th fact

In the case of 50 to 75 percent of the people who have had their licenses canceled because they were caught driving under the influence it was seen that they were driving without their license in the first place. This means that they were driving illegally.

8th fact

In the USA one of the leading causes of deaths among teens is traffic accidents. In around 33.33 percent of these cases, it is seen that this happened because they had alcohol or some other similarly damaging element in their bloodstream at the time of driving. For that matter in 33.33 of fatal car crashes in the USA it is seen that the deceased had alcohol in her or his system.

9th fact

Your DUI lawyers Colorado will tell you that from the 1980s the rate of deaths related to alcohol has been cut by 50 percent with respect to all age groups. The biggest such decline has been seen in the case of people who are among 16 to 20 years old.

10th fact

In 2010 of all the children aged 14 years and younger who died 17 percent happened because they crashed their cars or other vehicles while driving under the influence of alcohol.


It would be nice if this were the end of it all but it is not, unfortunately. It is said in the USA that teens and kids who have been exposed to alcohol from a young age have a 700 percent high chance of being involved in a car crash under the influence of alcohol in their lives.

This is compared to people of a similar age who have not had such exposure. These days, apart from cars there are various other kinds of vehicles where such accidents are happening. This includes the likes of jet skis and snowmobiles as well.

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